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Apr 15 2017

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Food Allergy Canada

Theo, who is now 10, has a deadly peanut allergy. He is also allergic to shellfish. And thankfully he grew out of his dairy and egg allergies when he was 6. Living with not being able to eat everything all the other kids do is hard for a young child. Living with the knowledge that food can kill you is even tougher. In Theo's word, "I want this to end and I don't want other kids to have this too'.

Because its new and its awesome.

Label Hero, Food Allergy Canada

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I love to ride with my friends .

about 1 year ago

Julian Our Hero

Meet julian our Echoage hero

so I have my own device to do homework

about 2 years ago

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Because I don’t care about presents and finding a cure ...

about 2 years ago