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Mar 18 2015

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Jays Care Foundation

I have been a “super” fan of the Jays and of the sport of baseball forever. I have been to many Blue Jay games and when I decided to have an “Echoage” party I knew that wanted my donation to go to help children. I am lucky enough to be able to go to baseball games and play in a baseball league and do many other sporting activities but there are many kids who have not got the same chances or opportunities. I supported Jays Care last year for my Echoage birthday party and I just knew that it was the perfect fit for me again. I wanted to help a great cause, and help put smiles on other kids faces. Not to mention it was the Blue Jays Charity so for me it was a “no brainer”. Being happy does not just center around me alone. Happiness comes from thinking of others, helping others and respecting others. I have learned this at home and at school. There is more to life than just me.

Echoage is a very popular party choice for my friends and family. Everyone is very supportive of the choice to celebrate a party and help an important charitable cause at the same time. I wanted to use my money for something that I really wanted. Using the money that my friends helped me collect will help make my group gift a special and meaningful 9th birthday present. Something I have always wanted will likely put a smile on my face every time I use it and see it.

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