Meet Annie our Echoage hero

Mar 31 2015

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Starlight Children's Foundation Canada

Because it supports children are very ill and I am healthy so I should help as much as I can by giving them half my birthday money.

I chose a fish and a fish tank as it is something I can look after and can love. I didn't want to chose a toy that I would only play with a bit and then forget about. I won't forget about my fish.

Hero, Starlight Children's Foundation Canada

Samara Our Hero

Meet Samara our Echoage hero

These kids need the money more than I do!

about 4 years ago

Brody Our Hero

Meet Brody our Echoage hero

Because I always had to use my brother's old iPad.

over 5 years ago

Gabriel Our Hero

Meet Gabriel our Echoage hero

Because I love P.K. Subban

about 7 years ago