Meet Ava our Echoage hero

Apr 21 2015

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The Speech and Stuttering Institute

Some kids can't get speech therapy. It's important to help kids who need help with their talking so they can feel good about talking to their friends or talking in school. Giving my ECHOage money to speech therapy will help those kids.

I love taekwondo so much. I love to practice all the time. I want to use my ECHOage money to get a kicking bag so I can keep getting better at my kicks.

Hero, The Speech and Stuttering Institute

Stella Our Hero

Meet Stella our Echoage hero

I wanted to help lots of other kids who stutter to lear...

almost 6 years ago

Tobin  Our Hero

Meet Tobin our Echoage hero

I want a "big boy" scooter like my sister.

almost 7 years ago