Meet Jack our Echoage hero

Jan 14 2015

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SickKids Foundation

I wanted to help all those kids in the hospital who need the money to find cures for their illnesses so they can get better and get out of the hospital and spend time with their family.

First, I like Lego a lot because it's fun to build with and you can have lots of fun with it and play with it after. Second, I like Pokemon cards because they have super cool designs and it's fun to trade them with your friends.

Hero, SickKids Foundation

Mason Our Hero

Meet Mason our Echoage hero

I like playing video games and talking with my friends ...

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Anna Our Hero

Meet Anna our Echoage hero

To help sick kids to recover fast and get back to their...

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Madison Our Hero

Meet Madison our Echoage hero

I love doing arts & crafts.

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