Meet Nolan our Echoage heroFull green heart

May 19 2015

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COPE Service Dogs

We chose COPE Service Dogs because "we really miss Fozzie" (our furry family member who passed away in 2013), and we want to share the love of animals and dogs with people who depend on them in their daily life.

Nolan is wild about Zambonis and asked for a Zamboni bed so he can have sweet dreams about operating his favorite machine.

Label Hero, COPE Service Dogs

Hillary Our Hero

Meet Hillary our Echoage hero

I love taking pictures!

5 months ago

Hayden Our Hero

Meet Hayden our Echoage hero

Because it is nice and big.

9 months ago

Kate Our Hero

Meet Kate our Echoage hero

Because my American girl needs a bed that is pretty

11 months ago