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Jul 15 2015

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Project AIM Programs

Because my little brother has special needs, and he needs lot of help to do things. He can't talk or do things like other 4 year olds. His camp is called Camp Aim (run through Project Aim Programs) and helps him and other special kids have a very fun summer. They take great care of my brother and take him swimming and play music to him.

I want to add to my hockey card collection, and get a Jersey with my name on the back. I also want a big real basketball net for my front driveway to practice and play with with my friends.

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Evan Our Hero

Meet EVAN our Echoage hero

I just recently started liking video games. I only play...

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Meet Joey our Echoage hero

No I did not!! My mom chose that!

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Because it's always fun to go pick something out mysel....

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