ECHOage Birthday Heroes Are
Changing The World

Read their stories and you will be inspired by their generosity and love. You’re never too small to make a big difference.

Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Hazel Supported

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Why I chose to support Cheetah Conservation Fund

Because I was looking for a charity and clicked animals. I saw the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and since I really like cheetahs, I chose the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Hazel's Gifts

Alysa 24 bike, bike gloves

Why I chose my gifts

Because my dad and I were going on some family bike rides and saw the Alysa 24 at the store. I also saw some bike gloves that I wanted. Getting it for EchoAge was one of the few chances I get per year and so I took it.