Meet Christopher our Echoage hero

Mar 08 2016

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Sinai Health Foundation

I want to say thank you to the hospital where OMA (grandmother) had her surgery for all they did for her and all the other people who need help.

Christopher had asked for an ipod for his b-day, and we wanted him to realize its value, and have a bigger appreciation for attaining it.!

Hero, Sinai Health Foundation

Charlie Our Hero

Meet Charlie our Echoage hero

I want to give back.

over 3 years ago

Elgin  & wyatt Our Hero

Meet Elgin & Wyatt our Echoage hero

What is a better gift than planning for the future.

about 4 years ago

Allison Our Hero

Meet Allison our Echoage hero

I love scootering on my sister's scooter but want my ow...

over 5 years ago