Meet Levi our Echoage hero

Jun 12 2016

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Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre

my cousin olivia wise suffered from brain cancer and died at the age of 16, 2 years ago and this charity really helped her family with the situation

I changed my mind about getting a wii because we have nowhere to put it, so i'm going to get something else instead

Hero, Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre

Jacqueline Our Hero

Meet Jacqueline our Echoage hero

I'm lucky because I have lots of stuff already.

over 3 years ago

Sebastian Our Hero

Meet Sebastian our Echoage hero

Because I love technology and it’s cute!

over 4 years ago

Alexander Our Hero

Meet Alexander our Echoage hero

I chose a Lego set because I want to be a master Lego b...

over 5 years ago