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Jun 17 2016

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I chose to support Healthy Minds Canada because mental health is very important to me. My mum has struggled with mental illness since she was a small girl. She was sick and in the hospital for a whole month in March and I missed her a lot. I got to talk to other patients when I visited her. I learned a lot about mental health this year. I wanted to raise money for my birthday to help people like my mum feel better and healthier. It was my first time having a birthday party and I loved helping others too!

My mum and I love watching musicals together. I saw my first one when I was 4. It was Elf. I am very excited to see Matilda because it is one of my favourite movies and books. My mum and I will be watching it on July 9. I can't wait!


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Meet Quinn our Echoage hero

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