ECHOage Birthday Heroes Are
Changing The World

Read their stories and you will be inspired by their generosity and love. You’re never too small to make a big difference.

Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero

Aylar and Taymaz

Aylar and Taymaz Supported

Because I am a Girl

Why I chose to support Because I am a Girl

The idea to first support a charity came from my daughter Aylar, when she learned about Terry Fox at her school. She enjoyed doing the Run. I also did the CN Tower climb for United Way last Fall, and she really liked the idea of raising money for charity. After a conversation on who she's like to help and giving her some examples, she chose Because I am a Girl because she wants everyone to be able to attend school like she does.

Aylar and Taymaz's Gifts

Baking set, lego, gymnastics lessons

Why I chose my gifts

These were presents that the kids wanted for their birthday. They are now registered in gymnastics and they love it.