Meet Frankie our Echoage hero

Nov 09 2016

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Three to Be

I am lucky to be able to be able to run around and play hockey and basketball. I want to help kids that can't do these things get things that can help them to do these things like me

I love to play to Skylanders and am happy my friends are getting me the new Superchargers set

Hero, Three to Be

Frankie Our Hero

Meet Frankie our Echoage hero

I just really wanted it

over 5 years ago

Syler Our Hero

Meet Syler our Echoage hero

I love to stay in touch with my friends and play games ...

over 6 years ago

Jayla Our Hero

Meet Jayla our Echoage hero

Jayla wanted a playground in the backyard to play on wh...

almost 7 years ago