Meet Dax our Echoage hero

Nov 16 2016

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Lymphoma Canada

My Dad got Lymphoma in June. He just finished chemo. He had to stay in the hospital for a long time in the summer when the medicine did not work. Then the doctors figured it out and got the right medicine for him to get better. I saw a lot of other Dad's there too and I thought of my friends. I did not want them to have a sick dad like me so when my mom asked me about my party and what charity I wanted with Echoage, I picked Lymphoma. Echo age money could help support Lymphoma research and keep those doctors working to find new medicines for other people too. I wanted to do something to thank the super amazing doctors and do something for all the other Dad's who are not better yet. My grandparents have cancer too. So supporting cancer is important to me. And most of all I love my Dad who is a super brave, superhero!

I like to research things I don't know about like hurricanes and tornados. How far the moon is and where sharks live. The iPad has places to learn about that stuff. I also love Minecraft and building new worlds in the game. My parents said I was old enough to take care of it and because I did super well in school this year.

Hero, Lymphoma Canada

Ben Our Hero

Meet Ben our Echoage hero

It's a great game to play with friends.

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