Meet Laila and Liam our Echoage hero

Dec 14 2016

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Right To Play, USA

My kids were too young to choose so I decided to pick a charity that was very near and dear to our hearts as a family (my husband's parents are 1st generation Muslim immigrants from Pakistan) and because anti-bias social development and play based learning is key to the curriculum at their pre-school. When I showed them a mission video produced by Right to Play they instantly understood that not all children around the world are as fortunate. We love the community and peace building efforts that are addressed by Right to Play, especially as we see Muslims and immigrants under attack around the world.

Laila is our budding ballerina and jette's all over the house all day long to the music of the Nutcracker while singing Let It Go from Frozen. She hasn't stopped singing into her new microphone. Laila also loves building as much as her brother so that is something they share. Liam is totally in awe of all things Star Wars and cars as well as Pirates. He hasn't stopped playing with his new ship and trumpet.

Hero, Right To Play, USA

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