Penelope Our Hero

Meet Penelope our Echoage hero

To enjoy adventures with my brother.

about 1 year ago

Evelyn Our Hero

Meet Evelyn our Echoage hero

We have enough toys so we gave all the money to the charity....

over 2 years ago

Calla Our Hero

Meet Calla our Echoage hero

The opportunity for Calla to learn about the gift of sharing and feeling like she can make a differe...

over 2 years ago

Ryan Our Hero

Meet Ryan our Echoage hero

I love video games. The party is the big gift from my parents.....

over 2 years ago

Arielle Our Hero

Meet Arielle our Echoage hero

To help children who don’t have enough

over 2 years ago

Jaedyn Our Hero

Meet Jaedyn our Echoage hero

Sienna chose crafts and books as she loves to explore her creativity with crafts and loves reading b...

almost 3 years ago

Za’kai Our Hero

Meet Za’kai our Echoage hero

I wanted to help other children.

almost 3 years ago

Zoe black Our Hero

Meet Zoe Black our Echoage hero

Making sure Zoe is aware of others and giving back to the community is very important to me as a lif...

about 3 years ago

Emma Our Hero

Meet Emma our Echoage hero

Riding a scooter makes you healthy and I love scooter.

about 3 years ago

Hudson Our Hero

Meet Hudson our Echoage hero

Because I loved building and then playing with Lego.

over 3 years ago

Emma and arielle Our Hero

Meet Emma and Arielle our Echoage hero

We love reading and doing arts and crafts, and collecting charms helps us always remember special oc...

about 4 years ago

Emma and arielle Our Hero

Meet Emma and Arielle our Echoage hero

We love to read and do arts and crafts and we are collecting charms to always remember special occas...

about 4 years ago