Charity: Canada's National Ballet School

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Canada's National Ballet School

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2G6


Mission & Goals:

The fundamental purpose of Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) is to develop the most talented youth from within Canada and internationally through an innovative, nurturing learning environment where talent is the sole entry criterion. By integrating artistic, academic and life skills education, NBS students are prepared for successful careers in dance and beyond. Through this, we evolve the art of ballet nationally and globally, celebrating and advancing dance as essential to a vibrant community culture.

How your contribution helps:

A professional dance career is an elusive calling made real through NBS training. The sole criterion for admission to the School is talent—ensuring the brightest and most gifted pupils attend. Regardless of background, youth from across Canada and around the world are selected for their potential and enriched and developed to perform at the highest levels. Keeping our doors open to the talented, no matter what their means, is the School’s enduring aspiration. Of vital importance to NBS is the desire to share the love of dance and movement with children locally and nationally. In the GTA, NBS provides recreational ballet training to thousands of dance enthusiasts through our Associates and Adult Ballet programs and during the school year, dance teacher training students from NBS work alongside public school teachers in their classes, developing dance-based curriculum content ensuring a new generation of students develops an affinity for and enjoyment of dance. During the School’s annual National Audition Tour, open classes for local students are offered in all of the locations the Tour visits across the country Financial Assistance for students is one of NBS’ top fundraising priorities, followed by the need to share the love of dance through supporting NBS’ community engagement opportunities across Canada.


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