Charity: Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

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Contact info:

Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 0C5


Mission & Goals:

The purpose of Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada is to help ensure the protection and long-term survival of the wild cheetah and its ecosystems.

How your contribution helps:

Donations support "The Canada Project", an agreement between CCF Namibia and Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada that covers the following key areas: 1) Education of school children about the importance of saving wildlife and ecosystems in southern Africa. 2) Teaching Namibian farmers about sustainable practices in farming and livestock management. 3) Sponsoring cheetahs that have been orphaned or injured at the CCF Conservation Centre. One of those cheetahs is named Rainbow and we have a special relationship with her. 4) Sponsoring Anatolian livestock guarding dog placed with farmers to help reduce the predation rate.


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