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Contact info:

Create Now

Los Angeles, California 90015

(213) 747-2777

Mission & Goals:

Create Now helps youth find their voices through arts mentoring and education. We serve children ages 2-21 who are homeless, abused, neglected and dealing with other major challenges through our therapeutic programs in music, writing, visual arts, fashion, digital media and the performing arts. These children learn to express themselves in a positive way as they as they learn new skills and build confidence. Each year, we also bring thousands of these youngsters to concerts, plays and other cultural events. We have reached over 37,000 of the most troubled youth in Southern California during the last 20 years.

How your contribution helps:

$5 will allow two needy kids to attend a concert. $20 will buy paint supplies for 5 abused children. $40 will help send 12 foster youth to a concert. $60 will give 6 foster youth 12 dance lessons. $80 will buy 4 drums for our Sound Off music workshops. $100 will buy 2 video cameras for 20 homeless teens to shoot a video. $250 will buy 15 costumes for a play put on by foster youth. $500 will pay for an entire 12-week arts workshop for troubled kids.

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