Charity: Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

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Contact info:

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

German Valley, Illinois 61039


Mission & Goals:

Critter Camp is truly unique as it is virtually the only licensed, 501c3 nonprofit shelter of its kind that accepts the wide variety of unwanted pets that we do. These animals previoulsy had nowhere else to go and usually were put down or let go into the wild where they faced certain death as they are domesticated, not wild or native species. We also provide educational hands-on tours of our facility and presentations for people to learn about the animals and their unique care and what to know before they get any type of pet. These help to support the animals'' care and provide public awareness of pet care issues.

How your contribution helps:

Care for the hundreds of abandoned abuse pets at Critter Camp that are unadoptable due to old age, health problems and temperament. Educate the public about the needs of these animals. Help us build our new facility to care for more animals and educate more people. If the child hosting an ECHOage party would like to choose one of our animals we will send them a special photo of that animal with a personalized Thank You , email us at [email protected]


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