Charity: Cuso International

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Contact info:

Cuso International

Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6S4

Mission & Goals:

Our vision: A world without poverty, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We are an international development organization that works to reduce poverty through the efforts of volunteers. Our volunteers collaborate with local partner groups on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. They pass on skills and unlock potential. We are one of North America’s largest international volunteer-sending non-profits.

How your contribution helps:

Development issues are complex, and volunteering is only one part of the solution. But we know that it can have an impact. Our volunteers work on nationally and locally designed programs – not projects parachuted in from outside a nation’s borders – so the benefits of their work continue to be felt by local people long after the volunteers have passed on their skills and returned home. It costs Cuso International $29,000 a year, per volunteer, to send them overseas. In order to keep working on our organization's and our countries' developmental goals, we need to be able to afford to seek and send specialized volunteers. Currently each donation is leveraged nine times thanks to our five-year funding agreement with Global Affairs Canada. The funding agreement stipulates that Global Affairs Canada will provide $55.6 million over the five years with the requirement that Cuso International will raise a total of $6 million from the community and recruit, train and place a minimum number of volunteers with our partners in agreed upon countries. This means that every dollar donated is leveraged nine times. Your donation of $25 becomes $250; a donation of $50 becomes $500; a donation of $250 becomes $2,500, and so on. This is a crucial fundraising time for our organization.

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