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Jays Care Foundation

Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J1


Mission & Goals:

Who we are:

  1. Used intentionally, baseball has the power to create lasting social change for children and youth. That's why we help kids get involved in the game, build safe spaces in which they can play, and support organizations dedicated to improving the lives of all Canadian kids. Jays Care Foundation has been recognized with the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy (2014), the Beyond Sport Sports Team of the Year Award (2013) and the MLB Commissioner's Award for Philanthropic Excellence (2012).


  1. We use baseball to teach life skills and create lasting social change for children and youth in marginalized communities across Canada.


  1. A level playing field for all children and youth.

How your contribution helps:

With the help of Blue Jays fans just like you, Jays Care helps shrink the opportunity gap for children living in marginalized communities by:

  1. Building high-quality sports facilities where they can play, join a baseball team, do their homework and learn from positive role models.
  2. Helping them thrive at school by providing with mentoring, tutoring and financial support to ensure they go to class every day, achieve their educational goals and ignite a life-long passion for learning.
  3. Providing free baseball programming designed to teach important life skills, such a teamwork, leadership, determination and resiliency.
  4. Inviting them to the Jays Care Community Clubhouse at Rogers Centre for a fun, unforgettable experience at Jays' games.

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