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It is estimated that North Americans spend in excess of $50 billion annually on diet products and self-help books and videos. However, given that Western society continues to see increased obesity and other “diseases of affluence” such as Type II diabetes, coronary heart disease and certain forms of cancer, much of that money is being wasted. We believe that a significant part of the problem is that individuals who want to make the correct nutritional choices for themselves and their families are faced with a deluge of confusing and conflicting nutritional advice. is brought you by Michael Greger M.D. Dr. Greger scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and brings that information to you in short, easy to understand video segments. We also provide links to the original journal articles whenever possible so that you can source the information directly, if you so desire.

How your contribution helps: is offered absolutely free--no one should ever have to pay for life-saving information. While we have many wonderful volunteers helping us to maintain and grow, there are many costs associated with bringing our users the best content available for free. Your contribution will help pay for hosting and development costs so that we can continue to expand and offer even more scientific nutritional findings to the public. We believe that this information should be available to everyone. With your help – we can get closer to that goal.

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