Charity: OneFamily Fund Canada

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Contact info:

OneFamily Fund Canada

Toronto, Ontario M4R 1A1

416 489 9687

Mission & Goals:

OneFamily is there for the more than 12,000 Israeli victims of terrorism and war – from bereaved parents to orphans to those injured in an attack. OneFamily’s goal is to support victims of terror so that they can achieve emotional and physical independence, and successfully reintegrate into society. OneFamily is THE premier national organization that REHABILITATES the lives of Israel’s VICTIMS OF TERROR.

How your contribution helps:

Contributions allow OneFamily to support the physical and emotional health, education and financial needs of victims. Donations enable OneFamily to run therapeutic retreats for bereaved parents, youth camps for those who have lost siblings and special programming for young widows/widowers. We serve those who are injured physically and those who traumatized emotionally. We offer both individualized programs of support as well as group support where victims spend time with others who are in similar situations as them.


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