Charity: Oraynu Children's School

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Contact info:

Oraynu Children's School

Toronto, Ontario M3B 3N2


Mission & Goals:

Oraynu Children's School offers instruction in Jewish history, culture and values from pre-school through to grade 7. We seek to provide, to the broadest extent and highest standard, an understanding of the humanistic values in Judaism, especially the individual’s responsibility to oneself and to society—how these values were part of Jewish life in the past, and how they can guide us today. Students experience Jewish culture and community through activities such as tzedakah (charity), volunteering in community service projects, music, and the celebration of holiday and life cycle events. We offer a welcoming, inclusive environment that encourages the exploration of our personal and communal concerns. Oraynu Children’s School supports our students as they develop their own positive, humanistic Jewish identity and as they strive to become strong individuals, as well as responsible citizens of the world.

How your contribution helps:

Your gift will help Oraynu provide: Family education and enrichment programs Special events and field trips Student bursaries Library books, textbooks, DVDs and much more

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