Charity: Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation

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Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation

Toronto, Ontario M4R 1A1


Mission & Goals:

Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation (PCCF) was founded out of a critical need to dedicate fundraising efforts to a cancer that has a devastatingly high mortality rate and unacceptably low research investment. For more than 40 years, understanding of pancreatic cancer has been stalled. A staggering 93% of pancreatic cancer patients succumb to the disease within five years, and half of those pass away within four months of diagnosis. Considering the incredible odds pancreatic cancer patients face, we made it our mission to come together and change the outcome. Today, we are deeply invested in research at leading centres of excellence across Canada, funding scientific projects in early detection, new treatment options and improving patient outcomes. We know the time is now to do more in this fight against pancreatic cancer and to change the future for our loved ones.

How your contribution helps:

In 2016, Pancreatic Cancer Canada launched PancOne™ (Pancreatic Canadian Oncology Network), the first research network of its kind in Canada dedicated to improving outcomes for this devastating disease. This umbrella network of institutions, researchers, and physicians at cancer centres across Canada, are working together to share ideas, data and strategies to advance knowledge and treatment of pancreatic cancer. By working together with no duplication of research we will achieve our goals faster: detect pancreatic cancer earlier, treat it better, and ultimately give patients more time.

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