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Contact info:

Project Kindle

Valencia, California 91355


Mission & Goals:

MISSION Improving the quality of life for children, young adults, and families through recreational experiences, educational programs and support services. ABOUT Project Kindle has been providing cost free services to children, young adults, and families since 1999. A 501(c)3 nonprofit, serving those with chronic illnesses, special needs and other life challenges, began as Camp Kindle, a week long free summer camp for those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Since 2004, the charity has expanded its services to reach beyond HIV/AIDS. Today, Project Kindle offers programs to thousands each year through year-round support by way of multiple recreational experiences, leadership and health educational outreach, in addition to various support services. THE NEED TO BELONG Humans are social creatures by nature, driven by a need to belong. The pain a rejected child feels is rooted in human evolution, and in fact, over millennia he was programmed to feel pain any time he felt socially rejected or excluded. Studies have shown that the same neural pathways used for the interpretation of physical pain are utilized during periods of social rejection (2003). What these findings indicate is that during human evolution, people began to process rejection the same way they would process physical pain. Project Kindle’s camp programs establish a culture of social togetherness and are able to engage every member of our camp community in a positive and accepting way. Our entire context of camp - our values, programs, leadership, physical environment, staff and campers are focused on increasing interdependency and group cohesion in order to increase feelings of belongingness. Each of the children we serve deserve a place where they can grow, feel unconditional love and acceptance in a safe and nurturing environment. This can only be possible with your support. You can help a child with a life-threatening illness, special need or other life challenge belong.

How your contribution helps:

Contributions will help to sponsor children affected by serious illnesses, special needs and other life challenges by giving them a chance to attend a cost free camp designed just for them!

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