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Your funds will help our charity to continue to provide warm, cuddly security blankets to children who are hurting, sad or in need. Funds will be used to purchase blanket making materials,pay expenses and to support local chapters.


Lily was an 8 month old who entered into the Arizona Burn Center with a soup scald burn to her leg and diaper area. Her mom was overly distraught, and attempting to console both the hurting infant, as well as herself. I walked into this situation, and immediately acted. For a child of this young age, music, parent comfort holds/touch, and comforting items such as blankets and binkies are the best support.

While mom was rocking the child in her arms, and the nurse working to address her wound care, I ran to our storage area, and selected a soft Project Linus blanket. As soon as Lily's mom saw the beautiful blanket, she burst into tears. Gently swaddling her little one in the blanket, she started singing to her, and I joined in. That child was able to remain calm throughout her burn wound cleaning and rebandaging - - remarkable for an 8 month old!

Mom and Lily left with words of gratitude not only for their burn care...but for those who made such beautiful blankets of comfort - - kudos to you, Project Linus members!!!
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