Charity: The George Hull Centre for Children and Families

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Contact info:

The George Hull Centre for Children and Families

Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5W3

416-622-8833 ext 241

Mission & Goals:

Life has a way of presenting challenges. Sometimes they are too big to handle on our own, especially if you are a young child or adolescent, or the parent of one. That’s where The George Hull Centre comes in. The George Hull Centre for Children and Families is an accredited children’s mental health centre serving children and youth from birth to age eighteen and their families. By working together with families and by providing the best possible treatment, we can make a difference, whether it is helping children and youth, strengthening families, or building a better community. Through clinical excellence and a continuum of mental health services, our mission is to reduce suffering, provide hope and enhance the quality of life of children, youth and families.

How your contribution helps:

One in five Ontarians under the age of 17 has a mental health issue causing significant distress and impairing their functioning at home, at school, or in the community. The George Hull Centre brings hope and healing to children, youth and families who are struggling with a mental health issue. Your contribution helps support the programs and services of the Centre so that children, youth and families can get back on track, start living life fully and reach their potential.


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