Charity: Toronto Public Library Foundation

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Contact info:

Toronto Public Library Foundation

Toronto, Ontario M4W 2G8


Mission & Goals:

Our mission is to provide essential resources for the enhancement of Toronto Public Library and to allocate funds to priority needs not supported by municipal funding.

How your contribution helps:

Donors to Toronto Public Library support vital needs not covered by municipal funding. Your donation can fund initiatives that introduce children to the joy of reading, provide homework help to students struggling in school, teach digital technologies to job-seekers, bring the library to house-bound seniors, and much more.


Niamh  Our Hero

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My birthday party was a beach theme with sand, a picnic...

3 months ago

Audrey Our Hero

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Audrey has more than enough toys, but what she sometime...

5 months ago

Madeleine Our Hero

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These are items that she lovesv to purchase throughout ...

8 months ago

Miles Our Hero

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Because it was a big lego fire collage that I could bui...

over 1 year ago

Oliver Our Hero

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I love building Lego and I love to play video games.

over 1 year ago

James Our Hero

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Because I love to read and swim!

about 2 years ago