Charity: University of Toronto Schools

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University of Toronto Schools

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R7


Mission & Goals:

Vision Statement: UTS is a transformative learning community focused on intellectual growth and individual development. We build on a tradition of academic distinction and leadership to develop socially responsible, global citizens. Mission Statement: We admit students on the basis of academic and overall performance and we are committed to making financial accessibility a reality for all UTS students. We provide our students with an excellent academic experience that is rich, challenging and full of opportunities to reach beyond the requirements of the provincial diploma. We inspire our students to challenge themselves as learners, communicators, creative artists and athletes, and to pursue their goals with confidence and integrity. We provide a dynamic and respectful culture in which students take on significant responsibility for the decision-making, planning and leading of both student affairs and initiatives in the wider community. We demonstrate leadership as a school through exemplary teaching practices, innovative curriculum and good governance. We develop and nurture strong relationships with our community and strategic partners to fulfill our objectives.

How your contribution helps:

To provide bursary support so that financial accessibility is a reality for all UTS students and to support other funding priorities of the school.

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