Charity: World Animal Protection US

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Contact info:

World Animal Protection US

New York, New York 10123


Mission & Goals:

World Animal Protection has been moving the world to protect animals for over 30 years. World Animal Protection passionately believes that animal welfare matters and animal cruelty must end, whether that animal is in the wild, living in a community, caught in a disaster or being farmed. Through championing humane and sustainable solutions, World Animal Protection will put animal welfare on the global agenda and demonstrate that what’s good for animals is good for people and the planet.

How your contribution helps:

Around the world animals face unprecedented threats. Today, we are much more in control over how the world’s animals live and we are now better placed than ever to help end their suffering. By giving to World Animal Protection you can make a real difference in the lives of animals. World Animal Protection receives no government funding and without your generosity, our vital programs for animals, would not exist.


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