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Funds will provide subsidized tickets and hands-on workshops, Drama School bursaries, comprehensive study guides, professional theatre productions and free community-building programs for young people across the Greater Toronto Area. Our year-round Drama School allows youth to build confidence and self-esteem, engage in team-building and problem-solving activities, and acquire skills for future success. Educational Services provides high-quality enrichment to each production through study-guides, tours, workshops and professional development for teachers, who are implementing Ontario Ministry-mandated curriculum. Community Volunteer programs feature internships, apprenticeships, co-op placements and general volunteer opportunities. All opportunities provide professional experience in the theatre industry to volunteers. Our Community Participation program partners with various community groups and youth in high-needs neighbourhoods, using theatre-arts to create a forum to talk about important issues, and engage in valuable peer support and mentorship. Programs include weekly drop-in sessions with Parent Resource, focused on early learners, and ESP, focused on youth in the Esplanade community.


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