ECHOage: Who sends ECHOage guests tax receipts?

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Who sends my guests the tax receipts and how long does it take?

Charities send tax receipts directly to your guests. If a guest gives your child $40.00, that guest will receive a tax receipt directly from the charity for $20.00 (the other half of the funds went to your child to buy his/her gift). In order to receive a tax receipt the guest must give a minimum of $40 because the charities will not issue tax receipts for less than $20.00. The value of the tax receipt is the value of the funds that were given to the charity.The approximate arrival time for tax receipts from the charity is 90-120 days after the party date. In the case of donations that are made in the end of the year (November and December) the tax receipt will likely be issued for the following year. If you have questions about tax receipting or need assistance getting your tax receipt from a charity please contact Karen Freedman [email protected]

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