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Are you a charity, school, hospital, not-for-profit, arts foundation, religious institution, sports team? Looking for a new way to get kids excited about giving? Want to raise funds for your school and help buy new books, basketball nets, or a smart board? Raising funds has never been easier. Fill in the form below to become an ECHOAGE partner. Once completed an ECHOAGE representative will get in touch with you.

Partner Benefits

4Expose your organization to the next generation of donors (children)

4Steady and reliable stream of monthly revenue for your cause

4New stewardship opportunity with young donors connecting to your cause via ECHOage

4Charity Dashboard exclusive to your cause, secure and private

4Lists all new donors acquired through ECHOage

4List of upcoming parties and past parties so you can connect with donors choosing your cause

4All tax receipting information uploaded for you and ready-to-go

4Full suite of marketing tools with your logo and messaging already in place

4Instagram posts already written and created for you and ready-to-go

4Personalized awards customized and ready to print and send to donors

4Real-time analytics specific to your charity including age of child, region, amount raised

4Thank you notes customized with your logo ready-to-send to each donor

4Monthly check-ins with ECHOage Co-Founders and team to chart progress and provide feedback

4Membership in an exclusive community of charities that children love

4Minimal staff time needed (your charity will be expected to issue monthly tax receipts of $20 or more per donor - in many cases there is high volume of tax receipts to issue)

4Transactional fees apply only if funds are raised

4A monthly fee of $40 is required to participate

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