Amara&shayan Our Hero

Meet Amara&Shayan our Echoage hero

we have enough toys and would like to help support the animals...

about 11 hours ago

Olivia Our Hero

Meet Olivia our Echoage hero

I chose a big animal beany boo because i love animals.

1 day ago

Ryder Our Hero

Meet Ryder our Echoage hero

To support is cousin.

1 day ago

Sam Our Hero

Meet Sam our Echoage hero

By having all of our guests contribute through Echoage, our son is able to have a nice lump sum of m...

1 day ago

Ariella Our Hero

Meet Ariella our Echoage hero

Because instead of gifts, I could give a gift to someone else and a gift to me and I can do whatever...

3 days ago

Evie Our Hero

Meet Evie our Echoage hero

Evie truly enjoys discovering things and playing with those cute dolls. She was very happy with her ...

4 days ago

Taylor bobbie Our Hero

Meet Taylor Bobbie our Echoage hero

I wanted to donate half my money/gift to camp ooch because I have enough stuff already and want othe...

4 days ago

Max Our Hero

Meet Max our Echoage hero


5 days ago

Kai Our Hero

Meet Kai our Echoage hero

Kai is very lucky to have what he needs and gets to enjoy lots of fun things in his life. We want hi...

6 days ago

Calla Our Hero

Meet Calla our Echoage hero

The opportunity for Calla to learn about the gift of sharing and feeling like she can make a differe...

6 days ago

Anya Our Hero

Meet Anya our Echoage hero

Anya was born at 27weeks. She was born at only 2lbs and spent 2 month in the Sunnybrook NICU. We hav...

7 days ago

Victoria Our Hero

Meet Victoria our Echoage hero

Victoria has spastic diplegia, a type of cerebral palsy. Holland Bloorview is a place where Victori...

8 days ago