Faye Our Hero

Meet Faye our Echoage hero

I feel sorry for kids that don't have the opportunities I have and I wanted to do something for them...

about 7 hours ago

Grace Our Hero

Meet Grace our Echoage hero

I want to track my steps!

3 days ago

Hannah Our Hero

Meet Hannah our Echoage hero

I love Harry Potter and I like playing with LEGO.

6 days ago

Benji Our Hero

Meet Benji our Echoage hero

Because he thank G-d received so many gifts from family and friends in addition to the donations and...

6 days ago

Hannah Our Hero

Meet Hannah our Echoage hero

Because I love horses.

7 days ago

Glory  Our Hero

Meet Glory our Echoage hero

Glory has a love for building, she aspires to be an architect and wished for the gingerbread house f...

8 days ago

Amelia & maia Our Hero

Meet AMELIA & MAIA our Echoage hero

We've been waiting for skating season to begin and are excited to learn to skate!...

8 days ago

Domitille Our Hero

Meet Domitille our Echoage hero

Domitille loves taking pictures of her friends,family, of animals, of nature and of beautiful landsc...

9 days ago

Zoe Our Hero

Meet Zoe our Echoage hero

"I am getting the American Girl car so my stuffed animals can ride around" Zoe, Age 7...

9 days ago

Mason Our Hero

Meet Mason our Echoage hero

He chose these so he can improve his hockey skills and make it to the NHL, just like Mitch Marner an...

10 days ago

Noah and jake Our Hero

Meet Noah and Jake our Echoage hero

They love working on big LEGO sets that take days to build....

12 days ago

Milo Our Hero

Meet Milo our Echoage hero

Because animals can't always ask for help, we just have to be there to give it and support places th...

15 days ago