Sami Our Hero

Meet Sami our Echoage hero

I wasn't sure what I wanted for my birthday this year, as I already feel like I have everything I re...

about 3 hours ago

Aleks Our Hero

Meet Aleks our Echoage hero

Because I am trying to save up to buy V-bucks in Fortnite. And I am saving up for my PS Plus members...

1 day ago

Arya smith Our Hero

Meet Arya Smith our Echoage hero

I love Harry Potter and want to be a Wizard. I I like Harry Potter so much that I could yell Its ...

4 days ago

Avery Our Hero

Meet Avery our Echoage hero

So all dogs and cats will be cared for and loved in their future forever home....

5 days ago

Shawn&noah Our Hero

Meet Shawn&Noah our Echoage hero

To give to sick kids instead of giving all to the kids

6 days ago

Elgin  & wyatt Our Hero

Meet Elgin & Wyatt our Echoage hero

What is a better gift than planning for the future.

7 days ago

Scarlett Our Hero

Meet Scarlett our Echoage hero

Scarlett is a huge LOL fan but unfortunately we weren't able to find it in time for her party and sh...

8 days ago

Sophia to help  Our Hero

Meet Sophia To help our Echoage hero

Because sharing is caring.

9 days ago

Callum Our Hero

Meet Callum our Echoage hero

He chose one gift instead of several gifts to reduce plastic. ...

9 days ago

Callum Our Hero

Meet Callum our Echoage hero

Callum does not want gifts that he doesn’t need or that he will throw out. Reducing means not buying...

9 days ago

Americo Our Hero

Meet AMERICO our Echoage hero

I want the sickkids children to feel better and have lots of joy. I want to share my birthday presen...

9 days ago

Tilly&oscar Our Hero

Meet Tilly&Oscar our Echoage hero

It is so important to start giving at a young age, to find ways to help a positive cause. This was a...

11 days ago