August Our Hero

Meet August our Echoage hero

I don't need presents so it's better that I help someone who does ...

about 20 hours ago

Rhyland Our Hero

Meet Rhyland our Echoage hero

I chose a LeapPad as my group gift because I love to play and learn!...

about 23 hours ago

Myles Our Hero

Meet Myles our Echoage hero

A charity Myles was touched by.

4 days ago

Charlie Our Hero

Meet Charlie our Echoage hero

So more donations would be made and more recognition for this amazing charity...

5 days ago

Charlotte Our Hero

Meet Charlotte our Echoage hero

I wanted to have more dancing and join the dance team.

5 days ago

London Our Hero

Meet London our Echoage hero

It feels good to share my birthday gifts with others.

6 days ago

Xavier Our Hero

Meet Xavier our Echoage hero

So that other kids who don't have much money can have fun....

7 days ago

Dylan Our Hero

Meet Dylan our Echoage hero

I like to ride in the Don Valley with my dad and needed a bigger bike. ...

7 days ago

James Our Hero

Meet James our Echoage hero

We have decided to donate the rest of the money I receive to Right to Play. ...

11 days ago

Mathias Our Hero

Meet Mathias our Echoage hero

Because that way I can choose my gift and I get to help other kids be healthier....

12 days ago

Sophia Our Hero

Meet Sophia our Echoage hero

It’s nice to share and help people

12 days ago

Isla Our Hero

Meet Isla our Echoage hero

I want my friends to help animals just like I do. This gift really means a lot to me. ...

13 days ago