Avery Our Hero

Meet Avery our Echoage hero

I wanted it for a long time! And I want to be a baby doctor (mom's note - a pediatrician) when I gr...

about 12 hours ago

Arielle Our Hero

Meet Arielle our Echoage hero

To help children who don’t have enough

about 13 hours ago

Avani Our Hero

Meet Avani our Echoage hero

I chose art supplies because I wanted to discover different ways to paint. I want to paint pictures ...

1 day ago

Harlow Our Hero

Meet Harlow our Echoage hero

I LOVE to dress up like a princess with my sister!

2 days ago

Ella Our Hero

Meet Ella our Echoage hero

Because I am lucky to have what I need and wanted to help those who don't have the same as I do....

4 days ago

Romeo Our Hero

Meet Romeo our Echoage hero

Me and my brother have so many toys so this way i got to buy my big LEGO set and give the rest to he...

5 days ago

Ronen Our Hero

Meet Ronen our Echoage hero

Because we are lucky and greatful and I want to help others...

8 days ago

Joely Our Hero

Meet Joely our Echoage hero

My daughter is very blessed and has what she needs and I think it’s important to teach her about giv...

10 days ago

Chase Our Hero

Meet Chase our Echoage hero

Anything Spider-Man and Paw Patrol

12 days ago

Lily Our Hero

Meet Lily our Echoage hero

Lily’s gift group gift was a family membership to the Ontario Science Centre. In her words. “I like...

12 days ago

Mason Our Hero

Meet Mason our Echoage hero

I don't know what I'm buying yet... I would like to get a phone but my parents say not yet. I'll may...

12 days ago

Kai Our Hero

Meet Kai our Echoage hero

The Michael Garron Hospital is in our neighbourhood and assists our community and I lost my Ipod so ...

13 days ago