Jacob Our Hero

Meet Jacob our Echoage hero

They are cute animals and he loves them

7 days ago

Marley Our Hero

Meet Marley our Echoage hero

Because my other scooter was getting too small and rusty!...

8 days ago

Marcus Our Hero

Meet Marcus our Echoage hero

I love music and I started taking drum lessons so I can play the songs of my favourite band the Twen...

19 days ago

Ryah Our Hero

Meet Ryah our Echoage hero

Her old room decor was from a long time ago and now she's double digits at 10 years old. ...

21 days ago

Ruby Our Hero

Meet Ruby our Echoage hero

Every adoption helps to support animal conservation and research efforts...and I really loves stuffi...

25 days ago

Ryla Our Hero

Meet Ryla our Echoage hero

I chose to donate 100% of my birthday to Second Harvest because I wanted to help others instead of g...

about 2 months ago

Caprica Our Hero

Meet Caprica our Echoage hero

I want to help save the animals and also pick out a special gift from all of my saved gift money. ...

about 2 months ago

Sonia Our Hero

Meet Sonia our Echoage hero

Sonia decided on a scooter to help keep her active and outdoors during the spring and summer months....

2 months ago

Garrett Our Hero

Meet Garrett our Echoage hero

I love to visit there and see all the sea creatures.

2 months ago

Nora Our Hero

Meet Nora our Echoage hero


3 months ago

Alexander Our Hero

Meet Alexander our Echoage hero

He is an avid biker. Since he is growing so fast, he outgrew his current bike and wants to be prepar...

3 months ago

Riley Our Hero

Meet Riley our Echoage hero

He knows how fortunate he is and wanted to give back and help children who are not. ...

3 months ago