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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Ethan Supported

SickKids Foundation

Why I chose to support SickKids Foundation

"I am a sick kid. I want to run with my brother and breathe on my own. I want to live and be strong. My Doctor at SickKids can save me". Ethan is himself a SickKids Kid (he has been admitted to the ICU 28 times in 2.5 years and is under the care of the neuromuscular, orthopedic and long term ventilation teams). He lives with a debilitating neuromuscular condition called Nemaline Myopathy that, without treatment, will limit his life. Ethan's SickKids doctor, Dr. James Dowling, is on the cusp of curative treatment for Ethan's exact disorder. All money raised through Echo-Age and all other channels is being donated directly to his lab in support of his pre-clinical development of transformative treatment (a treatment that is also hoped to treat and even cure many other genetic disorders). Here is a link to the fundraiser:

Ethan 's Gifts

Something to do with animals - Ethan is still deciding.

Why I chose my gifts

Ethan LOVES all animal big and small.