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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Joshua Supported

Save a Child's Heart

Why I chose to support Save a Child's Heart

Hi I'm Joshua and I love to help because it's the right thing to do and it feels great. I am the CEO of Amanda's Lemonade Stand to Fix kids' hearts that are broken and Amanda and I hit our goal of $200,000 to fix hearts here at Sick Kids and Heart and Stroke and around the world with Save a Child's Heart and now I'm so excited because my birthday party just started me off for this year's lemonade stand in September. My sister and I haven't picked the date yet but you can check our website I hope everyone can come to that party too and thank you ECHOage for helping me to fix kids hearts that are broken.

Joshua's Gifts

Something Fun!

Why I chose my gifts

I think my party with my friends on the beach was so much fun and I'm not sure what I would like to buy right now. Maybe if we go away somewhere one day I will spend it there on something fun so right now it's going to go into my piggy bank.