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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Abbie Supported

Bialik Hebrew Day School

Why I chose to support Bialik Hebrew Day School

I chose Bialik Hebrew Day School because I go to that school and it teaches me so many awesome things like English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish. Also, Bialik will honour me with a book and when I am done reading it I could put it in the library for other kids to read.

Abbie's Gifts

A phone

Why I chose my gifts

I chose a phone as my present because a lot of people I know have one and they also got one at the same age as me. I feel that I am responsible enough to have one and keep it safe. I also wanted a phone so I could communicate with my friends and family members even when I am not with them. Another reason that I chose a phone as my present is because I could take pictures of things so that I can remember that moment.