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Allison Wang

Allison Wang Supported

North York General Foundation

Why I chose to support North York General Foundation

My friend Nicolas used this website for his birthday party to raise money for sickkids hospital, and I like it.

Allison Wang 's Gifts

Part of your contribution will go to North York General Hospital Foundation

Why I chose my gifts

Telling in mother’s words: Both of my daughters were born in North York hospital. My whole family including both girls, my parents, brother and me is under the care of family physicians and pediatrician who are affiliated with NYGH. We are grateful for the excellent services and care they provide to us. Special Thanks to Dr. John Hsuen who has been my girls’ pediatrician since they were born. He is very patient and gentle with children and truly listened to them. As well, many Thanks to Dr. Stutz who has been the family physician for Allison’s grandparents for 5 years now. He always go far and beyond to help his patients. We considered ourselves very fortunate to find these great doctors and community hospital!