ECHOage Birthday Heroes Are
Changing The World

Read their stories and you will be inspired by their generosity and love. You’re never too small to make a big difference.

Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero

Teddy Goodman

Teddy Goodman Supported

POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario)

Why I chose to support POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario)

Teddy: "I saw a boy at Starbucks and one of his eyes was missing. My mom told me he probably had cancer, like my grandmother. I didn't know kids could get cancer too and I felt scared and sad. So for my party I wanted the money to go to kids with cancer."

Teddy Goodman's Gifts

Go Pro

Why I chose my gifts

"I really like roller coasters. I want to wear my Go Pro and film myself on roller coasters and post the videos on YouTube so people can see what the rides are like and if they want to go on them too."