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Bianca Supported

Because I am a Girl

Why I chose to support Because I am a Girl

I think that girls have super powers and it doesn’t matter where they live in the world they should be allowed to go to school and go to the doctors and be treated the same way that boys are treated.

Bianca's Gifts

Please consider contributing to Because I am a Girl and a group gift.

Why I chose my gifts

We felt as a family that it is easy for people to just buy a gift . We wanted people that were invited to take a minute and read what this charity stood for and was all about . We even contacted the charity about giving us educational swag to include in the children’s loot bags . They were so cooperative and appreciative of the inquiry . The entire experience was really rewarding for us all . I will continue to do this together with my daughter to show her how fortunate we are in this country and to make her aware of some of the atrocities in the world that need our attention .