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Teagan Supported

Isthmus: Because Hunger Doesn't Take Weekends Off

Why I chose to support Isthmus: Because Hunger Doesn't Take Weekends Off

There are lots of kids who don't have enough food to eat and some of them are right here in Canada. I don't think anyone should go hungry ever. A backpack of food is a lot of food. Blessings in a backpack helps make sure that kids don't go hungry by giving them a backpack filled with food for the weekend. They could be helping one of my friends, I don't know, but they are helping lots of kids get food.

Teagan's Gifts

Doll Carrier, doll wardobe

Why I chose my gifts

I love my "big girl" dolls. Mommy used to tie a scarf around me so I could carry my dolls with me, now with a proper carrier I can carry them easily with no fixing the scarf all the time. And my room isn't as messy with a new wardrobe to put all my doll's clothes in. That makes everyone happy.