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Meet Our ECHOage Birthday Hero


Evalina Supported

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Why I chose to support Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Since the day Evalina understood the importance of loving animals big and small we've been teaching her about all the terrible things that humans are doing to them and their habitats. We want Evalina to grow up respecting all animals big and small and therefore, supporting the work of Jane Goodall was an easy option. As a girl/women, we'd like to think that Evalina will always have equal opportunity in her life and that she will be able to achive anything she puts her mind too. Jane Goodall is a perfect example of what women can achive. She is a graceful individual who has used her compassion and love to save the lives of many animals giving them a second chance at life. Jane Goodall is a real life HERO. One that we would be proud to have our daughter look up to.

Evalina's Gifts

ipad mini

Why I chose my gifts

We chose an iPad Mini as a present becuase we feel that it would be a good learning tool for Evalina. iPads are also being used in our school for learning purposes. Supervision, times alloted and proper security controls will be set to ensure Evalina gets the most out of her new learning gadget.