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Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, dedicated to empowering kids to take their passion for animals and turn it into action! Children have an inherent connection to nature and animals, which is why one of our most popular programs is Wildlife Adoptions. Through this program, kids can learn about real-world wildlife conservation projects taking place right now, as well as the inspiring scientists working to protect those species. By choosing Earth Rangers for your ECHOage party, your child can help raise funds to support the protection of their favourite animal (and we will send them a free plush adoption kit*!). See the images below for a list of the animal projects currently available to support. Thank you for supporting Earth Rangers, and helping to show children that the things we do today will matter tomorrow. * You must receive donations through the ECHOage platform to qualify for the Free Plush Adoption Kit.


"I donated all of the money because I knew toys aren't as important as the living creatures in the world and we live here and it's our job to protect it from climate change." - ECHOage Birthday Hero, Audrey

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