Charity: A Leg To Stand On

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Contact info:

A Leg To Stand On

New York, New York 10016


Mission & Goals:

A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) provides free prosthetic limbs and rehabilitative care to children with untreated traumatic or congenital disabilities in the developing world whose families could not otherwise afford care. Our mission is to provide our CoolKids the physical capabilities needed to access the opportunities mobility offers, including access to education, future employment and the chance to live self-sufficiently. Since 2002, ALTSO has treated more than 16,500 kids and currently operates 10 programs in 9 countries.

How your contribution helps:

An untreated limb disability can threaten the self-sustainability of a child and their entire family. But a prosthetic limb, provided free of charge to ALTSO’s patients, can change this.​ Mobility is more than movement, especially for children from the lowest economic backgrounds. Mobility means access to education, increased self-esteem and improvement in their families' socio-economic status. Mobility is opportunity, empowerment and hope.

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