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Whatever your reason for caring about ALS as a cause, you are joining a passionate group that wants to make change happen.

Your gift enables ALS Canada to support the nearly 4,000 Canadians living with ALS today and their families in several ways. This includes providing information resources so that people affected by ALS have the tools to navigate their experience effectively and are empowered to make informed decisions.

In addition, with your generous gift, ALS Canada can continue to advocate for better support for people living with ALS, their families, and caregivers.

These efforts include:

- advocating for timely, equitable, and affordable access to therapies;

- engaging and empowering community advocates on how to bring their voice to issues;

- identifying emerging priorities and actionable solutions for people living with ALS; and

- meeting with key federal, provincial, and municipal government officials to discuss pressing ALS issues and the need for research funding.

In Ontario, your donation helps support more than 1,400 families affected by ALS through community-based resources, support groups, and equipment.

With a vision for a world free of ALS, donations also fund researchers to continue striving to better understand ALS and to identify treatments that will alter the course of the disease. ALS Canada is the only source of dedicated ALS research funding across Canada advancing this work. Your support is critical in ensuring Canadian ALS researchers have sustainable funding to support continued momentum toward the discovery and development of promising therapies.

Thank you for being part of a passionate and compassionate community united by our shared cause to help people living with ALS today while supporting developments that will help lead to a world free of ALS.

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