Charity: Because I am a Girl

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Contact info:

Because I am a Girl

Toronto, Ontario M4P 0B3

416-920-1654 ext. 216

Mission & Goals:

Change the World – Start with a Girl!

We believe:

  • Girls have the right to be educated.
  • Girls have the right to eat.
  • Girls have the right to healthcare.
  • Girls have the right to be treated with respect.
  • Girls have the right to be safe.
  • Girls have the right to pursue their dreams.
  • Girls have the right to the same opportunities as their brothers.

How your contribution helps:

Because I am a Girl is Plan's global initiative to break the cycle of poverty and gender discrimination.

Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a brighter, safer future for everyone.

When girls are educated, healthy and informed, they pull themselves, their chldren and their communities out of poverty.

We want to engage Canadians - to raise money for projects such as clean water and food security, healthcare and education, and livelihood initiatives like microfinance.

None of the incredible work we do would be possible without the support of our amazing donors here in Canada and our community partners in the developing world.

Join us and Plan to change the world for - and through - girls.

Girls are the answer - and so are you. Be part of the movement - make a difference!


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