Charity: Canadian Olympic Foundation

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Contact info:

Canadian Olympic Foundation

Toronto, Ontario M5B 2L7


Mission & Goals:

To generate support to meet the technical, scientific, medical and coaching needs of Canada’s high performance sport system and assist Canada’s athletes in becoming ambassadors for sport, healthy living and the pursuit of excellence across the nation.

How your contribution helps:

Your generous donation will be used to support high performance athletes in Canada, and to support the next generation of athletes. Olympians are not produced overnight; it takes dedication, resources and proper funding at all the stages of an athlete’s career. For many talented young athletes, the financial barriers to access sport at the national level are considerable. A competitive athlete with potential to move up in the sport system will face a range of costs in order to make the leap, including training and equipment fees, higher level coaching and international competition travel expenses. Funding can give athletes access to the programs they need to become the best of the best. Canada’s Future Olympians need YOU. Thank you, for your support.


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