Charity: Crossroads International

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Contact info:

Crossroads International

Toronto, Ontario M5V 2P2

1.877.967.1611 ext. 229

Mission & Goals:

To create ONE WORLD where poverty is eliminated, equality prevails and the rights of women and girls are fulfilled.

How your contribution helps:

Crossroads International works in West Africa, Southern Africa and the Andean region of South America with local organizations combating extreme poverty and working tirelessly to empower women and girls. Crossroads currently has 28 partnership projects in eight countries: Bolivia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Swaziland, Togo and Zimbabwe. Through our partnerships, Crossroads International supports women and young girls who have experienced violence, provides support for young girls who are at risk of abuse and HIV infection, empowers women to participate in their local government, and helps impoverished men and women in rural areas to build sustainable local businesses.

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